I have found that people acquire art in one of two ways; they see something that inspires them and somewhat spontaneously make a purchase, or, they work with an artist they love to make something very personal and meaningful for the most important space in their lives – their home. I work with clients in two ways. The first is to work with me directly around the colors and environments in your home to make something very specific for a particular area. The second involves inviting your children to bring their brilliance to the creative canvas and make something for the family, by the family. These collaborations are as beautiful to make as they are to finish, and families find that they had no idea how gifted their children naturally are, and that the pieces they create together have a lasting permanence that resonates throughout the house.

I would love to work with you to create something meaningful and beautiful for your home.


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    Erin Clark Commission: Hire Erin directly to create your perfect piece of art.
    Artcie Design Commission: Hire Erin to collaborate with your children to create your perfect piece of art. Learn more here.

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